This Is Exactly Why He Can’t Love You Back

“Maybe you weren’t really part of that dream he was talking about.”

  1. He loves someone else.

If you’re wondering why he didn’t text you last night, maybe it’s time you realize that he was actually texting someone else. They were having such a good time that the thought of you didn’t cross his mind. Just the sight of her and the sound of her voice can turn his bad days to good and storms with her were like rainbows with a thousand colors but black. Knowing her was probably the best thing that happened to him and that’s something that maybe you and your best friend cannot accept yet. Don’t believe Amalia when she said this guy is into you. The way he turns his head when you’re talking, the way he smiles when you’re around, the way he waves his hand when you’re leaving, the way he opens the door for you, all these he also does to everyone else. Maybe you mistook his gaze for romance. Maybe you mistook his voice for yearning. Maybe the way your name touches his lips meant nothing but the intention to keep the conversation. Maybe these were all nothing, that they meant nothing. Do yourself a favor and stop hoping that maybe he was conveying something beneath those breaths, those dazzling eyes, those cinnamon hairs. He didn’t confess his feelings not because he was afraid he’d be rejected but because there was absolutely nothing to confess with. No he wasn’t adoring. No he didn’t borrow your notes on special purpose. No he wasn’t surreptitiously glancing. He was actually looking at the girl behind you and now they are building a future together, something that you completely have no part of. And maybe there isn’t a room for you in his life anymore, not for love, or anything else. Not even a parcel of the memories he shared with you he remembered, but everything about her he will remember forever.

  1. You’re not the one he’s looking for.

This guy’s taste is something you should start lamenting now because my dear, you’re simply not his type. I don’t know what you’re into but he’s surely not into those, too. Don’t cry just because he can’t love the way you are. You should rather smile because you were able to preserve who you are and you never bothered changing yourself just to impress and gain people’s hearts. Maybe he wanted his girls meek and simple. You should start flaunting those confidence now and be proud that you are as complex as any human can be. If you’re into wisdom, bravery, humility, and working your dreams and he’s still not into you, you have all the reason to feel sad for that guy.

  1. You’re nothing like the other girl.

I can’t believe we’re talking about this. Of course you’re not like the other girl. You’re not her because you’re unique and you transcend genuine love, even risking the possibility of not getting that same love in return. You should be celebrating the fact that there is only one person in this entire world who can truly live life the way you’re living it now. And trying to live someone else’s life should never cross your mind. My dear, you are very precious so don’t let this guy become your world and distract you from who you are. The truth is he is yet to realize how much he lost by losing you.

  1. He’s looking for something and he didn’t find it in you.

Was it the courage in your eyes or the truth in your voice that tells him you can’t be the one? Was it beauty he was seeking? Or skill? Was it grace? You might realize you have them all and still wonder why he’s still seeking elsewhere. You have to know that giving your all still won’t be enough for anyone who isn’t able to realize your worth. You can never please everyone so stop expecting yourself to. Maybe he finds you insufficient. Well darling, we all are. It’s just a matter of contentment of the heart. If he’s not contented with you, that’s his problem. You have to realize that there is always beauty in insufficiency. What is life without it?

  1. He can’t stop thinking about her.

This girl definitely had him swept off his feet. The moment she walked in right into his door last Sunday afternoon, he knew he’s never gonna look at love the same way again. Thanks to her gorgeous smile and radiant laugh that warms even the most rainy of days. Those pair of lashes that can a melt a thousand suns and curves that bring shivers down his spine. Even the early morning light cannot come at par with the way his eyes light up whenever he sees her walk her way through the corridor. Those delicate hands that can launch a thousand ships yet a heart that can shatter all dreams. The way she braids her hair as if they were angels in her womb. The gentleness in her voice that ushers him to fight the Russian war, endure an impossible storm, or die an invisible death. And hers is the same voice that can end a war with nothing but a flicker of her laugh. And every day that he thinks of her was every day that he wrestles with burning fire. Life was impossible living without her by his side. She became the world that he’s dreaded he can never overcome. And he knew right away that he was falling fast when he hardly ever falls.

  1. You are worlds apart.

On the other hand, maybe this guy thinks you’re too out of reach, that he can never fit in to your world, that love is never enough to bridge this world he knows to yours, that the world like his own has no place of existence in yours, that he can’t surmount the universe separating you two. Maybe he decided he can’t love you the same because that same love is the same love that will devour his soul while yearning for you. To him, you were a mountain he cannot climb, a star he cannot reach, an ocean he cannot cross. Maybe unlearning to love you was the best option he had. Because that’s the only way he can save himself from the impending heartbreak he’s getting himself at. He will get it anyway, but he shall not love again. Not the same way he did with you.

  1. He’s not ready.

You think you know him so well? Think again. This guy is probably going through some things in life and he’s just not ready for anything that would remind him of what love was like. Maybe the connection he feels with you isn’t as powerful as the connection he feels with the life he’s married to. Maybe he values his dreams more than he values the dream of having you. Maybe he cares so much about his career that he couldn’t care less about love. Or maybe you weren’t really part of that dream he was talking about. Maybe he was so in love with the aspect of life that he ended his journey of pursuing his love for you. Maybe you really don’t know anything about this guy and you should start respecting the truth that it’s about time you let him go, that you can’t force anything that doesn’t want to happen.

  1. He’s scared.

He is not like any guy you’ve met at the local studio. This one is broken. Tired. Maybe at some point in his life, he was shattered beyond his capacity to stand back up. Maybe he used to believe in love so much only to be hurt again the second time. Maybe he was a fighter who could no longer fight, a knight who abandoned the remaining hope in his heart, a dauntless boy who lost the glimmer of love in his eyes. Maybe he needed time. Time to heal all the wounds from a dark past that only he can battle, and to forget the kind of misery that was their love. He is but a victim of life’s atrocities and shameless wraths. He is broken. And for all the time he wasted on other people, he just wants to spend this time alone to himself. He needed to numb himself of the pain, of the scars that will forever be part of him, the scars that proved how tragic his love was once upon a time. But his memory of her keeps haunting him at night. Those bittersweet memories so vivid they almost felt real again. Maybe he’s just too scared to love again. Maybe you’re just gonna leave him the way she did. All he wanted is for the world to know that he’s had enough. That he couldn’t take any more of life’s game and deceipt. So he wants you to take it slow because he knows all too well how things are gonna be like when you don’t. Take it from someone who suffered a lot. He once cared too much. But he knows better now. He walked out of this dark horrid past, and he’d do it again.


This Is How Leaving School For a While Brought the Colors Back To My Life

It’s a carnival ride out there but bring it on!

Life is very unpredictable and I cannot even explain to what extent. Circumstances prompted me to leave an accustomed life behind and stay abroad for a while. As much as I wanted to travel and explore the world before, life in school usually got in the way and rendered me stuck somewhere I never saw myself in. The course I took demanded so much from me that the word fun nearly left my vocabulary. I had a serious student life back then. But there I was with a plane ticket on my pocket, ready to take on a life of adventure and just leave everything behind. Maybe leaving and moving away is a good opportunity for me to find myself again and restore back the spirit I once lost. I don’t hate school but stressing myself way too much literally drained the life out of me. In the process of doing things exactly the way other people wanted it, I lost my identity and the fire in my heart literally just died out. It was then that I realized I was in big trouble. I forgot what creative was and the world became so dull then. A little break might just be everything I needed right now. I travel not to escape from life but for life not to escape from me. It has been a good three years in college but I needed to restore what has been destroyed in me. I’m signing off. Not for good though. I’ll be back in a year, when I’m already so full of life that I’d hardly run out of it. But for now, adventure is everything my mind can think of and it’s just right around the corner. I can’t wait to see what the world has to offer. It’s a carnival ride out there but bring it on! A new horizon is watching over me.

13 Things Social Introverts Don’t Want You To Know

“You are simply not ready for anything they are going to say.”

Personality is something unique to all of us. It makes us. And breaks us evenly. Being introverted will not give you an edge over extroverts and neither will the other. We are all equally granted the liberation to be ourselves. Unfortunately, not all introverts receive the proper representation that is due them.

Below are things you will never hear from introverts. So brace yourself for it shall be revealed to you.

  1. They are silently observing you.

Introverts find comfort in their little moments of solitude. They are but one thing. Silence. They love observing people. And by observing, I mean subjecting people to scrutiny in their heads. Nobody can escape their laboratory of good and evil. As much as they would love to do all the talking, I am afraid they can’t do so. For if they do, I cannot guarantee your recovery will be a hastened one. You are simply not ready for anything they are going to say. So in favour of everybody, introverts just stay silent the longest they can.

  1. They’re not comfortable with you.

Not all of them find your company amusing. Introverts are simply not interested to mingle. They only act like they do because they don’t want you to feel burdened more than you deserve. They hate morbid atmospheres as much as you do. So they just pretend the party last night was the best they ever had. Again they are lying. They lie pretty much all the time. Yet no matter how much faces they try to put on, they are not the people who are very good at hiding their revulsion. Very often than not, your presence is just plainly distracting to them. Certainly not in a romantic way. But they have an exceptional level of tolerance that they can tolerate just about anything. Your whims, your rants, your clumsy remarks, everything. They just let it all pass and off the sink they go. As long as you are not getting in their way, you guys are on friendly terms. Just don’t cross the line. These people almost always make even, though in the most unimaginable way possible.

  1. They are not comfortable walking alone.

These people are insecure but not in a way you are thinking. They are insecure about something else. Something deeper than oceans combined. Introverts are paranoid people. And walking alone couldn’t be any more agonizing in the presence of a large crowd. Trust me, they can walk like fashion divas without anybody looking. But a large crowd is just too much to picture. They hate walking alone simply because they find your crowd intimidating. You are no superior, alright. There’s just something about the crowd that makes them uncomfortable. Maybe low self-esteem has got something to do with it.

  1. They hate making eye contacts.

Talking on the phone? Texting? Nah, they are just canny devices to swerve their attention to something else. All they want is to save themselves the trouble of actually entertaining you. Looking you in the eye is the last thing these people would ever dare of doing. They are not captivated. No you don’t have dazzling eyes. And they certainly don’t have anything fishy going around. It’s just that making eye contact with you is like eating spicy chicken with cold icing on top. Do you get the feeling?

  1. They think your humor has gone nuts.

Remember when your friend Jerry cracked a joke about green pipers and you were all laughing so hard you thought you’d die? Turn to your introverted friends and all you can see is confusion flashed all over their faces. Believe them when they say that that was the most dim-witted joke that ever reached mankind. Introverts are genuine people, so laughing aimlessly is just not the way to do it. It might take them all possible effort and generous consideration to actually laugh at dear old green pipers so don’t give them a lifetime to seize the joke. It is a moment to lose.

  1. They can’t lead people.

Introverts can pass as pharaohs. They will devise everything on their own and will impose it on you. They will dictate you what to do and how it is supposed to be done. But leadership is not about that. Leadership is leading people into action. That is not practically the case for introverts. Introverts only have themselves to lead. They will make awful leaders. They may be exceptional at handling adversaries thrown at them but they are not very remarkable at working with people. They may be good at managing themselves but they cannot manage a group. They don’t believe anything good or productive can ever come out of it. Ever. They work solo all the time. And I honestly don’t see that as an issue. Do you? Well, it’s pretty sad that our educational system now thinks introverts should bend to everybody’s terms. Why can’t they just be allowed to work alone? I mean not all people are meant to go out there. We are all precious in our own right. And these people are equally so. You see, working in a group is just not the best option there is for them. Without you knowing, you may already be suppressing their ideas more than they can take.

  1. They work better when they’re alone.

These people don’t like the pressure of the society. They think their ideas can flow better when they only have themselves to battle with. You see, it’s a battle of the mind. And your presence is just not helping. Don’t take it seriously. You are still as awesome as your mom thought you were. It’s just that introverts cannot compromise to anything. And they simply don’t believe you can possibly do anything of use to them. They would rather do the work alone than have you around. For them, two is a crowd. So three is impossible. Don’t get it wrong. Introverts don’t mean to be condescending. You just have to accept the fact that in their world, you don’t exist. Not even a trace of you. They have their own world, a world they so painstakingly formulated with the intricate works of their minds.

  1. They don’t respond well to niceness.

These people are yet to master the art of responding well. Call them weird all you want but introverts just don’t know how to respond to unusual favors. Either you are being extra too nice that it creeps them out or they just simply don’t know how to react to such height of goodness. You see, they are not used to it. So witnessing it firsthand may be a little surprising for them. But trust me, they appreciate it. Totally. They just don’t know how to show how extremely grateful they are. But now that you know they are grateful, does it really make any difference if they verbally say it or not? I guess it’s all gratitude that matters. It’s practically the end to it.

  1. They’re not entirely strong.

Pretending. That’s what they are. Introverts can be manipulative in ways they know how. They are good actors. They will make you believe whatever they say. They will make you believe they are not tad bit hurting. They will make you believe that everything is going perfectly well. Don’t fall for it. It’s all drama, all part of the script. Some would say introverts are under emotional trauma. That’s not practically true. Some also say introverts behave like they do because they are on the verge of a mental breakdown. That is not true either. Introverts are not necessarily a product of a dark past. They are simply captives of their own fears. They are actually fearful people. And fear is killing them. They can’t stand the idea of people seeing how vulnerable they are so they try to fortify their walls with a seemingly heartless façade thinking that by doing so their fears will be freed from any possibility of being viewed upon. They hate to exhibit weakness and much less the idea of dependence. To exhibit any sign of hopelessness is the last thing these people would ever wish of doing. Vulnerability and fragility are two mortal sins they can’t afford of committing. Hence, being strong is the only way to go. After all, it is only a matter of time that all these drama become their reality. So maybe, just maybe, these people will become the strength they portray, in time.

  1. They love it when you ask them their opinions.

Introverts are curious people. They love to answer questions as much as they love throwing them. It triggers the most convoluted parts of their brains. And they love that. It gives them insatiable amount of excitement that leaves them wanting for more. Introverts are almost always intellectual. They are designed to think, unlike most people now, unfortunately. They badly needed people to share their thoughts with. They want to have an interactive and intellectual discussion with you about things that matter. Sadly, you are not even a tad bit interested. You wasted a lifetime opportunity to actually talk politics, or religion, or quantum mechanics with a group of people whose passion for such became the life of them. You have become too preoccupied with the trivialities of this world that not even an hour became possible of sparing. If only you can spare that tiny little time with them, you can actually learn more and them learning from you too. However, it seems that interest has permanently evaded you. Trust me, they couldn’t care less. After all, this world is not going to run out of uncustomary people. And there will always be a group of people who will listen to what these introverts got to say, a group of people who can come at par with their ideas, people who would enjoy hearing every bit of details their minds could offer.

  1. They hate to be the one to start the conversation.

Let’s face it. Introverts are introverts. They will not start talking unless you talk first. So go. Do the offer. And if you are generous enough, you can have it their way. Don’t talk about things that don’t matter. They hate that. Trust me, nothing can kill them more than a boring topic. And a drawling accent. They don’t have a very good attention span so if you don’t do it right, you can lose them. Right away.

  1. They want you to treasure them as much as they treasure you.

Introverts are selective with people they associate themselves with. If there is one thing introverts are not picky about, it’s their clothes. They can wear just about anything. They don’t care, remember? Introverts are just plainly oblivious to your judgments. They are the only species capable of not caring about what you think of them. Other than that, introverts are pretty much very selective at things. They even have a list of their favourite teachers way back 1st grade. And they, too, pick their own sets of friends. This cannot be any more manifested in how very few their friends are. You see, introverts are keepers. They value friendship as much as they value their phonebooks. So if they consider you friends, do treasure them. Their hearts, if you don’t mind, are as fragile as hope and they are easily wounded. Despite the fact that they are not very fond of people, they still chose to trust you. This is reason enough that hurting them should never cross your mind.  If they like you, trust me, you are special. Don’t trade that friendship for anything.

  1. They also scream for love.

Introverts can be all smiles. But trust me, they are dying inside. Dying to experience the same love they never had. Sometimes, they would ponder on how the world can be so ruthless, how life can be so unfair. These people don’t always feel welcome. You may think these people are numb of pain, the very reason why they are easily taken for granted. You may think these people are incapable of feeling. That is nothing short of myth. Introverts, more than anything, are very sensitive, at least a degree higher than your average person. And yes, they feel every detail of it. The pain. The pressure. The vacuum of emptiness. They don’t want to believe that love has completely left them, that the world they dumped was gone along with it. But they are surrounded with so much that resembles exactly how love got away. Most of the time, these introverts just feel empty. Of all people, you should be the first to know. Good for those who’ve already found a friend in some. But for a greater number who haven’t yet found the right people to mingle with, life is just impossible.

8 Winning Tips To Start Your New Year Right: 2016

“Were you so afraid all your life that you never had the chance to enjoy the journey and savour each moment in between?”

2015 wasn’t a particularly remarkable year for some people. Like most other, it was a year when life was almost impossible living. It probably had come to a point where you doubted the reason why you even had to exist. You probably had gone beyond what you were supposed to, endured more than you needed, taken more than you could handle, and went through more than you could ever bear.

The question is, are you willing to go another mile to see how it goes and see that it was worth it after all? If you are, then friend you are one step closer. In case you are but things didn’t turn out well, then take another mile. If still it won’t, then take another mile. Again if it won’t, then still take another mile. The point is, giving up is not among the options. Either you go hard or you go home. Life, after all, is not about winning but how long you can endure to win. It now comes down to how you handle the cards in your hands. You can only play it well or play it well.


Here are tips for living 2016 like never before:

1. Tie loose ends

Tie loose ends with people you’ve had conflicts with, be it your father who habitually vent his anger on you whenever he’s drunk, or your mother who left your dad for another man, or an ex boyfriend who valued his dreams more than he valued you, or an ex girlfriend who left you for a better life, or your husband who left without saying a word, or a best friend who left because she got sick of you, or a Chemistry teacher who marked an F on your report card because you were technically smarter, or a colleague who spread rumors about you and your boss going out, or a neighbour who got into fight with your dog, or a security guard who would never let you pass because you weren’t wearing black mascara. Whoever that is, you have to put an end to it. Before you can truly start off a happy and promising year, you have to set off on the right foot first by finding that internal peace within you. You, my friend, can only do that when you let go of all the grudges you have towards the people who have hurt and wronged you. Don’t let the bitterness of your past steal your sweetness away. You can do better than that. And plus, how long has it been since you last slept with no hatred at all? Guess what, forgiveness is much cheaper than your pillow. If you were, however, the one at fault, not them, then you have to swallow your pride, say sorry, and admit that you were at fault. Don’t worry, pride has neither fats nor calories. It won’t make you fat.

2. Stop worrying and start trusting.

Stop worrying about the future so much and start trusting that God has plans for everything. Worry ends when your faith in Him begins. He got your back alright so just relax and take it slow. He is the God who never fails, never abandons, and never ignores.  You may not like how things are working right now. You may not understand why these things are happening in your life. But you have to note that there’s no way you’ll be able to fully comprehend how God works. Because if you do, then God ceases to be God. He is Infinite. His ways are far beyond the capability of anybody’s understanding. And since He is God, He’s not supposed to be within the confines of your human understanding. You just have to believe that whatever storm you are going through right now, it will all come to pass. Better days are coming, my friend. Wait for it.

3. Reignite all those buried interests

Reignite all those buried interests, be it painting, dancing, or even playing your dad’s favourite table tennis. You might have had one of those childhood passions which died away because you were scared you were not good enough. It’s now time to bring all those back to life. Get rid of all the fears and doubts for it won’t do you any good. It will just obstruct you from envisioning the potentials you once had and are still having. Who said you can’t start ballet at 27? Who said studying magnetic forces at 5 is pointless? Trust me, when you were interested about the history of Babylon, you were headed to a great discovery of all time. Don’t stop now. And don’t stop taking your calligraphy classes either. Do what your muscle tells you to. They’ve been dying for a long time now. You can’t just stop midway. You have to continue. No artist did it great the first time. But all great artists became the great artists they are now when they started believing they could be something. They were very determined that sky was no limit at all. And giving up was not their motto. With practice, you, too, can become the great artist that you are. Just keep the muscles going.

4. Try something new

Try something new. How long has it been since you last checked on a newly opened resto bar near your place, or pampered yourself to new clothes, or had your hair cut and your nails done? I believe it’s time for a new makeover. For bookworms, you might as well try exploring a new genre of interest. It doesn’t hurt to switch books from time to time. Or if you’re the hyped up type of person, then why not go for a vacation, go to places you’ve never been and eat exotic foods you’ve never eaten. You can also try learning a skill you thought was impossible for you. No one could deny the majesty surrounding the word archery and neither could you. You might want to try that out. Or if you don’t know how to cook, then maybe it’s time that you do.

5. Start dreaming

Start dreaming. Have you always lived your life comfortably without the trouble of thinking what to dream? If your answer is yes then you, my friend, is boarding a sinking ship. Get out now and I mean now. That ship is leading you nowhere! Don’t believe Buddha when he said, “Kill your desires.” Desire, my friend, is your heart’s way of expressing itself. When you stop desiring, your life becomes a blur. When you stop dreaming, life loses its meaning. Your dreams are what keep life worth living. When you don’t dream, you are like a soul wandering idly in this vacuum of emptiness. In a sense, you are just merely existing. So if you finally decide to get a life, go ask yourself a few questions. Are you already contented with a life that’s barely a life? Is this really what you want? Rather, what is it really that you want in life? It’s impossible for you to have none. There has to be at least one. You can’t continue living your life not wanting anything at all. Are you so afraid you would just get disappointed that you never bothered giving it a try? Then I’ll tell you, no amount of failure should hinder you from dreaming. When you dream, you have to enact that dream and turn it into reality. You can’t keep your dream to the confines of just a dream. If you want it bad enough (given that they are not evil), you will have to make it come alive, no matter the adversaries. Let it live in you and let it lead you.

6. Set your goals.

Set your goals whatever aspect in life they belong to. Are you a student, a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a novelist, a businessman, a designer? Whatever it is that you’re inclined to, you can never do without a goal. Do you want to graduate with honors, obtain exceptionally high ratings for teachers, get promoted as chief nurse, win all the court cases you’re handling, publish millions of copies of your books, make it to Forbes, or design for famous Hollywood stars? You sure need to have your goals firmly established, because your goals are what keep you on track. So should you notice yourself deviating, you still have a goal to turn back to and keep you back on the game. If your financial life has been going downhill for some time now, you might really need a long list of goals with you. And if you are planning to lose weight, you will also have to make sure the goals you establish are attainable and suit your current situation in life.

7. Face your fears

Face your fears no matter how horrible and heavy they are. Fear could come in many forms. But forms matter not when you finally learn how to conquer them. You might wonder why your life has never felt this empty. Don’t start on your shoes. They’re not the problem. Neither are the stars up there. They got nothing to do with how life has unfolded for you. You might want to start on the moment you met your old friend Fear. When your 3rd grade teacher told you you were to recite a poem in front of the class, were you so freezing to death you couldn’t move a limb in your body? When your older brother introduced you to his friends, were you scared they would just make fun of you that you never bothered making friends with them? When you and your best friend received gifts on Christmas, were you fearful she’d get the better pair that you secretly exchanged your presents? When you were dating your cousin in senior high, were you so scared that you hid from your mother the truth about the baby you were carrying? When the company you applied a job for called you back, were you scared you were never good enough that you rejected their offer instead? Were you so overprotective toward your partner that you locked him up in the house or locked her up in her room because you were scared that he’d find another woman more beautiful than you are or that she’d find a man far richer and capable than you could possibly be? Face it, if the relationship is no longer working, then might as well let the person go.  You can’t force something that doesn’t want to happen and you can’t stop something that wants so much to happen. If you truly love your partner, then you will have to learn how to let go if freedom from you is all that he or she seeks. Were you so afraid you’d never be able to pay off the bills or provide food for your family that you worked day and night, seven days a week, forgetting the principles of what makes a life worth living? Were you so afraid all your life that you never had the chance to enjoy the journey and savour each moment in between? How often would Fear visit you in your dreams? How often would he call out to you on your working hours? How often would he whisper in your minute victories and spoil the event for you? I suggest you get rid of him the soonest you can. You sure won’t miss that old friend of yours. With him around, grief and regrets are found. But in his absence comes solitude and freedom. Rinse away all excess of his spell on you. Spread your wings because you are now free. Declare it. Declare that you are no longer afraid of what people think or say about you. Declare that no matter what happens, you will continue to hold your head up high, ready for the new set of adventures life has to offer.

8. Explore the world outside your comfort zone

Explore the world outside your comfort zone. If you are extra comfortable with your life right now, you might want to spice it up a little. If you are not the type who socializes much, then it’s time that you go visit a place where socialization is called for. You can go to public events, join organizations, clubs, societies, or volunteer at charity homes. If you are not comfortable having guys around, then it’s time you should be hanging out with them more often. Make friends with them. Get to know one another. Ask them their favorite TV shows. Be acquainted. Get used to the feeling of being around the company of men. Trust me, you need this. If currently you are studying and life has been painfully idle, I believe it’s time that you upgrade. Try new positions and accept new responsibilities. Keep in mind, however, that you alone can gauge how well you can handle. If you feel like you can’t take any more, feel free to jump out. There are things that feel more like a burden than they really should. You are meant to be happy. And if too much responsibility is depriving you of that happiness, then maybe it’s time to give away some of it to those who can handle it better. But if you think you really can handle, then I’ll believe you. Just go with your gut. God is pretty much working on it.